The U.S. House of Representatives today passed H.R. 1917,  a bipartisan bill that helps small businesses by delaying a regulation on manufacturers of wood heaters.

The first phase of the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for wood heaters took effect in 2015. The regulation reduced emissions with minimal problems; however, the second phase of these standards is scheduled to take effect in 2020, and it is proving to be very difficult for manufacturers to meet that deadline.

The extension  voted on today will not remove any  regulations. It simply provides more time for  businesses to comply with much stricter requirements. 

Frank Moore of Hardy Manufacturing, located  in Philadelphia and Mississippi’s Third Congressional District, said, “This legislation will provide significant relief to small, family-owned companies like Hardy Manufacturing. Our mostly rural customers rely on us to manufacture safe, clean-burning, and reliable wood heaters. This legislation will empower us to continue product development and provide for our employees and community.”

Upon passage of this bill, Rep. Harper said, “Wood heaters are frequently used by households in rural areas, and are popular in Mississippi. The 2020 deadline would have likely raised prices on those least able to afford them. Additionally, it would have placed an unnecessary burden on our small businesses, like Hardy Manufacturing, who are important sources of employment in our communities. I look forward to continuing to support our rural towns and small businesses.”

Congressman Gregg Harper Press Release