SB 2675 – This bill would provide that the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services be under the umbrella of the Mississippi Department of Human Services. In past years CPS was taken out from under the control of Human Services, this bill would reverse that decision. The bill was passed and returned to Senate for concurrence.

SB 2919 – This bill gives the Mississippi Forestry Commission an extended repealer date on appointing law enforcement officers for their department. No amendments were added and it passed the House on Wednesday.

SB 2210–  In this bill, Community Colleges and Junior Colleges would be able to enter into loans for no more than 25 years. It would bring forth a board of trustees of authorized members that loans can be taken, repaid and borrowed for no longer than 25 years under some conditions. The bill passed in the House.

SB 2934 – Some lawmakers have been trying to get laws on the books to protect cats and dogs, and with this bill they’re slowing moving in the right direction. The Dog Fighting bill was amended and passed in the House on Wednesday. The bill revises offense and punishment for dog fighting and clarifies that definition. The bill passed 113-1 in the House.


HB 1510 – The bill caused quite a lot of debate throughout it’s life in the Capitol. This week Senators took up the 15-week Abortion bill and ruled that it was constitutional. Some amendments were attempted to be made that would include exceptions for rape and incest, but they were not accepted. The bill was passed and on Wednesday it was returned for concurrence.

HB 1390 – What took up more time than expected in discussion was the Hardest Reporting Program bill. The bill was amended and would ask for voluntary reporting of Mississippi’s on white tail deer and wild turkey kills. The bill was controversial, some claiming government control, and others claiming conservationist.

HB 1083 – Also called the Gun Bill. It was originally authored by Rep. Andy Gipson to allow for individuals who hold an enhanced concealed carry permit to challenge a business or agency if they are prohibited from carrying on public property. The bill was amended to add the “Mississippi School Safety Act” which would create guidelines for schools who wish to opt in and have a training for teachers and administrators that would carry a firearm within the school. The bill passed in the Senate.

HB 1264 – This bill would create penalties for anyone who means to commit a terroristic threat or crime of violence to disrupt a government function, i.e. a school in operation. An amendment was offered that would make the bill applicable to anyone over the age of 16 years old and any threat made over social media as a  terroristic threat. With no votes against the bill it was passed.