HB 1390 was brought up on the Senate floor today and would make reporting white tail deer and wild turkey kills part of the Harvest Reporting Program. Sen. Moran argued that having some kind of numbers on what is being killed in the state will help understand what is out there. An amendment was offered that would make the program strictly voluntary, with no penalties, as previously written. The bill was debated on the floor for nearly an hour before passing and being sent back to the House for another look.

House Bill 1390

  1. SECTION 1. Section 49-7-26, Mississippi Code amended as follows:
of 1972, is 49-7-26. (1) (a) The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks * * * shall develop, implement and regulate a * * * mandatory harvest reporting program for white-tailed deer or wild turkey or both. The purpose of this program is to collect and compile harvest data * * * of such quality and quantity as to be able to assist the Legislature and the commission in formulating the wildlife resource conservation policy for the State of Mississippi.