A House bill passed in the Senate on Wednesday before the General Bill deadline will create the Mississippi Terroristic Threat Law. HB 1264 was authored by Rep. Baker and would define a definition for what a terroristic threat is and classify it as a felony punishable by a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

House Bill 1264


SECTION 1. (1) This section shall be known and may be cited as the “Mississippi Terroristic Threats Law.”

     (2)  As used in this section, the term "terroristic threat" means a threat to commit a crime of violence or a threat to cause bodily injury to another person and terrorization as the result of the proscribed conduct, which threat must have an intent to terrorize, harm, intimidate or disrupt a governmental function.
     (3)  (a)  A person commits the offense of making a terroristic threat when the person making the threat causes a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent commission of an
offense and when so acting, the person has the intent to:
 (i)  Intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
 (ii)  Influence the policy of a unit of government
by intimidation or coercion;
 (iii)  Affect the conduct of a unit of government,
educational institution, business or segment of the civilian
population by intimidation or coercion; or
 (iv)  Affect the conduct of a unit of government by
threatening murder, assassination or kidnapping or any other act
deemed as terroristic in nature.