WJTV – Senator Roger Wicker will not endorse Chris McDaniel

WEEKLY STANDARD – Mississippi Is Now in Play for Democrats

But McDaniel’s candidacy could create problems for Republicans. Mississippi’s special election rules are a little wonky: All of the candidates will run in a nonpartisan primary in November. If no candidate gets above 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates advance to a run-off election. Mississippi is flush with Republicans: There are qualified statewide office holders, former statewide office holders, state legislators, and more who could credibly run. If Gov. Phil Bryant’s appointee to the seat (he gets to appoint a temporary replacement for Cochran who will likely run) fails to keep other candidates out of the race, the non-McDaniel Republicans could split the vote while McDaniel keeps enough of his core constituents to make it to the run-off.

If Democrats manage to take advantage of the highly Democratic national environment, get a strong candidate into the run-off, capitalize on McDaniel’s weaknesses, grab some Republican votes, and maintain a turnout advantage, they could take the seat.

Chris McDaniel appears on SuperTalk’s JT Show

Sen. Chris McDaniel on The JT Show

Senator Chris McDaniel on the #JTShow talking about his candidacy for Senate.You can hear the ENTIRE INTERVIEW right here: http://www.supertalk.fm/audio-archives/j-t-archives/?recording_id=26336

Posted by SuperTalk Mississippi on Thursday, March 15, 2018


Congressman Palazzo: Gov. Bryant has a tough decision #MSSen


NEWS MS – Lynn Fitch opens up on school savings programs

“Those programs are full faith in credit and they will always be made whole so everybody that has an impact account they are in extremely good shape,” said Fitch. “However, the legislature has to make good on a full faith in credit so what we have determined through our actual audit is that it’s $135 million short for the legacy impact programs so I have outreached to the leadership and the legislature and asked them to be cognizant and begin some cash infusions based on the college savings board request, based on our investment policy and our recommendation to sure up this $135 million short fall.”

Fitch said the short fall is the fifth request that the college savings board has made to the legislature, and this time they are asking for $13.5 million in special appropriation.

“Unfortunately these requests have gone unanswered and we believe it’s certainly time to look at this very conscientiously and make a cash infusion,” said Fitch. “These legacy contracts don’t even expire until 2039 so it’s important to take a hard look and begin the cash infusion.”

WLOX – Court dismisses case against Moss Point mayor; residents react

Moss Point residents say they are hoping the city can move forward now that the domestic violence charges against Mayor Mario King and his wife have been dismissed.

King and his wife Natasha appeared side-by-side in the Jackson County Justice Court Thursday afternoon. Each faced a charge of domestic violence after a physical altercation that took place at their home on Oct. 19th. Those charges were filed by the county against each of the Kings after investigators saw evidence and heard reports of abuse.

In court, both defendants refused to answer questions, invoking their Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.

Gov. Bryant joins send off of Mississippi National Guard Battalion