On Tuesday, BIPEC hosted a forum in Jackson with all of the Republican candidates for the Third District Congressional race. Those invited included:

Sally Doty, Michael Guest, Whit Hughes, Perry Parker, Morgan Dunn, Katherine Tate, Michael Evans, and Michael Aycox.

Take a minute to watch part of each candidate’s speeches where they explain and discuss their platform and what they hope to accomplish in Washington if they become Mississippi’s next Congressman.

Whit Hughes:

Whit Hughes is a native of Jackson. He is married to Shelley and together they have three children. Whit is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he received a Master of Business Administration degree while playing two years of baseball and five years of basketball for legendary coaches Ron Polk and Richard Williams. Read more about White HERE. 

Rep. Michael Evans: 

Michael Evans currently serves in the Mississippi House of Representatives. He is a Democrat from Preston Mississippi. Evans’ professional experience includes working as a battalion chief with the Philadelphia, Mississippi Fire Department and a fire chief with the Preston Volunteer Fire Department. He also owns and operates a poultry farm with his wife. Read more about Evans HERE.

Sen. Sally Doty: 

Sally Doty is a Senator from Brookhaven. She describes herself as a reformer with a track record of holding people accountable and passing common sense conservative legislation. She plans to stand with President Trump to roll back regulations on small businesses, reform entitlements, and cut government spending. Read more about Doty HERE.

Michael Guest: 

Michael Guest is the current District Attorney for Madison and Rankin Counties. He is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Third District Congressional race. He has worked with the media to launch the DA’s Most Wanted, which has been successful in capturing dozens of criminals who did not show up to court to face penalties for their crimes. He has worked for law enforcement and is married to Haley and together they have two sons. Read more about Guest HERE.

Katherine “Bitzi” Tate: 

Katherine Tate, a native of Tupelo now living in Jackson, has served in the education field for over 25 years as a teacher, administrator, and industry representative. She believes in the power of limited government and competitive markets as key to a thriving society. Read more about Tate HERE. 

Michael Aycox:

Michael Aycox is from Poplar Springs in Newton, Mississippi. He grew up on his family’s farmland. He is a Democratic candidate in the Congressional race and veteran. Read more about Aycox HERE.  

Morgan Dunn: 

Morgan Dunn was born and raised in Magee, Mississippi. She and her husband Christopher have three children. She is a strong advocate for Rural Healthcare. Dunn has experience working with leaders across the US to keep hospitals, physicians, providers, and access viable in the rural areas. Dunn is also a small business owners and believes in recruiting corporations to Mississippi to support the economy and a strong education system. Read more about Dunn HERE. 

Perry Parker:

Perry Parker is a resident of Seminary, Mississippi. Perry has been married to his wife Ida for 30 years and they have two sons together. He and sis family have deep roots in Covington County and in District 3. He finished high school at Sumrall Attendance Center and received his MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and his B.S. in Finance from the University of Southern Mississippi. Along with a group of Hattiesburg area businessmen, Perry helped start TheFirst, A National Banking Association, and currently serves as Director Emeritus. Read more about Parker HERE.