Photo courtesy of the Clarion Ledger

An abortion rights group is suing the state of Mississippi over its abortion laws.

According to The Hill, the group filed the suit following a new state law banning abortions after 15 weeks, the most restrictive abortion ban in the country, which the group argues is “unconstitutional.”

“Mississippi has attempted to circumvent the Supreme Court’s rulings by passing a series of targeted laws and regulations designed to choke off access to abortion in the state, primarily by decreasing the number of providers of abortion care, while at the same time delaying and misinforming women who manage to reach these providers,” the lawsuit reads.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) signed the 15-week ban bill into law last month, prompting the state’s only abortion clinic to immediately sue,claiming the measure is unconstitutional.

You can view the complaint below: 

JWHO v Currier Amended Complaint by yallpolitics on Scribd