After the 2018 Legislative Session, lawmakers walked away from the Capitol with no agreement for a long term plan on infrastructure. While $50 million was appropriated to roads and bridges in a bond bill, neither the House nor Senate’s proposed infrastructure bills were passed.

Governor Phil Bryant announced earlier this week a state of emergency on over 80 locally owned roads and bridges. This comes after the U.S. Secretary of Transportation told the Governor that the state could be in jeopardy of losing federal funds if those bridges were not shut down immediately. Counties have been responsible for closing these locations up until now. With the announcement of a state of emergency the Mississippi Department of Transportation now has authority to close these locally owned bridges.

This leaves Mississippians once again faced with the question of how the state will fix a failing infrastructure.

Since the 2018 Legislative Session has concluded a possible solution could be resolved within a special session. When asked if he would call lawmakers back to the Capitol the Governor said he would only consider it if he felt like the House and Senate members were very close to an agreement.