Establishment Media Outlet Conspires to Create False Campaign Narrative

Triumph Campaigns known across the country for fake polling

Today, the McDaniel for Senate campaign called out Justin Brasell, Triumph Campaigns and Y’all Politics for conspiring to create a false narrative by running a fake poll.

Known across Mississippi as the “mouthpiece for the establishment,” Y’all Politics took it upon themselves this week to contract Triumph Campaigns to conduct a poll for the special election for United States Senate in Mississippi.

Triumph Campaigns is run by Justin Brasell, who is currently serving as campaign manager for Senator Roger Wicker, and previously served as campaign manager for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“It’s not the first time Triumph has attempted to create a false narrative by running a fake poll,” said Tanner Watson, Press Secretary for McDaniel. “It’s also not the first time that Y’all Politics has tried to stack the deck in favor of establishment-backed candidates.”

The McDaniel campaign pointed to two recent races where Triumph conducted a poll and reported the results of that poll to foster a narrative that was favorable to their clients only to have the actual election results show the polls to be completely inaccurate.

One example was the 2016 governor’s race in Kentucky, where a poll conducted by Triumph Campaigns had Matt Bevin in third place with just twelve percent of the vote. Bevin went on to win the primary and then the general election by almost 85,000 votes. (

For Brasell, fake polls may be business as usual. In a role reversal, Brasell is currently running the gubernatorial campaign for Kristi Noem against conservative Marty Jackley in South Dakota. Brasell commissioned a poll conducted by Kyle Robertson, who ran Hal Heinor’s campaign for Governor of Kentucky. Robertson’s poll has Noem in first place in South Dakota, just like Brasell’s poll had Heinor first in Kentucky. Heinor went on to finish third in the primary.(

“Voters in Mississippi deserve to know how the establishment rigs the game in their favor,” Watson said. “Running fake polls to create a false narrative is just one of their dirty tricks. You would think the media by now would be wise to these tactics and report them to their readers, listeners and viewers.”


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