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MBJ – MIKE ESPY — Ag tariffs: We should be careful what we ask for

As a unified nation, the force of our military, more powerful than any nation since the dawn of history, protects us. But in a trade war, our economy, while the world’s largest, is vulnerable to attack from precision targeting by our global adversaries. At war we stand as one. However, in trade, we can get picked apart.

On April 3rd, the White House announced a plan to impose tariffs of 25% against 1,300 products that we import from China, which is on top of the previously announced tariffs on imported steel and aluminum that were announced in March. Some say that these actions were intended to protect a single industry located in the important electoral states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Whatever the Administration’s motivation, or however laudable its justification, it has opened the door to retaliation and China has selectively chosen retaliatory targets- one of which is Mississippi agriculture.

Thus, as we watched this dramatic skirmish unfold, we saw China just one day later, on April 4th; announce higher tariffs covering some 106 American product categories. Tit for tat, escalating ever higher into more dangerous zones.

WLOX – State of MS plus three coastal counties to receive more than $27.7 million

The funding represents Phase II of disbursements of revenue generated through the 2006 Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA).

“GOMESA ensures that Mississippi, as a Gulf Coast state with off-shore energy production, receives a share of royalty revenues to address conservation and coastal restoration needs,” said U.S. Senator Hyde-Smith.

The state of Mississippi will receive $22.2 million. Jackson County will receive another $2.3 million. Harrison County will receive another $2.15 million, and Hancock County will receive another $1.05 million.

Gov. Bryant: POTUS Trump should receive Nobel Peace Prize


WLOX – Mississippi state offices close for Confederate Memorial Day

Mississippi is closing state government offices for Confederate Memorial Day.

The observation happens Monday, one week after the same holiday in Alabama.

Confederate Memorial Day in the two states commemorates those who died during the Civil War while fighting for Southern states that tried to secede. The Confederate military surrendered in April 1865.

HATTIESBURG AMERICAN – Will Mississippi have sports wagering in casinos by football season? Don’t bet against it

While state leaders continue their decades-old hemming and hawing over a lottery, folks could be legally betting on sports and horse racing in Mississippi casinos by this coming football season.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule as early as next week on whether states can allow sports betting.

If it rules they can allow it, Mississippi is, to borrow the words of former state House Gaming Chairman Bobby Moak, “ready to run the ponies.”

CLARION LEDGER – Pay for roads with cigarette tax?: Physicians ask for special legislative session

At least one physician group is using the current infrastructure debate as an opportunity to renew calls to increase the state’s tobacco tax.

While Gov. Phil Bryant considers calling lawmakers back to the Capitol to pass an infrastructure plan, the Mississippi State Medical Association is asking that he also consider paying for it through a $1.50-per-pack cigarette tax increase.