Several elections are hanging on the June 5 primary including the U.S. Senate race for the seat currently held by Senator Roger Wicker. Among the candidates is Democrat Omeria Scott.

Scott is one of two House of Representatives members that has thrown her name in the race, the other is Rep. David Baria from Jackson County.

Scott is from Laurel and has been present in the House for over 25 years with experience she says her Democratic opponents don’t have.

“I’m the only one in this race that has served on House ways and Means, and Appropriations Committees. Actually, I’m the only person in this race, or in this Capitol that has made a presentation to the Budget Committee with an entire state budget with all of the agencies appropriations within that budget,” said Rep. Scott.

Scott says the most important thing that the state and it’s leaders need to be focusing on is an infrastructure plan and has been running her campaign on that message.

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When it comes to potential tensions between herself and fellow Democratic candidate Rep. David Baria she says there have been no issues.

“There has not been any strain in relationship with David. Of course our position is that we are going to support the Democratic nominee,” said Scott.