MBJ – Bill Crawford: Will negative issues make election run-offs interesting?

Low turnout Democratic and Republican primaries last week yielded two surprises. Political novice Howard Sherman was the surprise leader in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Described by the Clarion-Ledger as the “Los Angeles-native venture capitalist and husband of Emmy Award-winning actress Sela Ward of Meridian,” Sherman will face Mississippi native Baria of Bay St. Louis in the June 26th run-off. 

The other surprise was two white guys leading this ticket in a state where black voters dominate statewide Democratic elections. Black state Rep. Omeria Scott of Laurel finished third…

You can expect Sherman to be asked pointed questions about his real ties and commitment to Mississippi and Baria about why he hasn’t had more impact as a party leader. Whether either candidate will mount negative media blitzes is another question.

Negative media is likely in the GOP runoff given the party’s tendency toward such in recent elections. 
Guest will need to answer whether he used his judicial connections as district attorney to get into business with city and county court systems to collect their unpaid fines; and how this occurred while he and his VP were both public employees. Hughes will need to answer how he was involved in the controversial economic development projects and what, if any, concerns he raised at the time.
In the end, whoever wins the Democratic runoff will likely be clobbered by Sen. Roger Wicker, while whoever wins the Republican third district runoff will likely clobber Democratic nominee state Rep. Michael Evans of Preston in November. 

WTOK – Scott endorses Sherman for US Senate

State Rep. Omeria Scott has endorsed a former opponent, Howard Sherman, in the Democrat runoff for U.S. Senate.

Both candidates were in a field of six Democrats running for the Democratic nomination…

“This is a time for unity. I urge every one of my supporters and every Democrat in our state to come together and get behind Howard Sherman,” said Rep. Scott. “His ideas for our state are bold and powerful, and I know he’s the right leader to defeat Roger Wicker and join with Mike Espy to bring change to Washington.”

WJTV – David Baria responds to Scott endorsement of Sherman

WJTV – Whit Hughes launches ‘town hall’ campaign tour

Third congressional district candidate Whit Hughes launches an “Ask Whit Anything” town hall tour starting in Liberty, Monday, June 11.

Hughes plans to visit the 24 counties in the district with opportunities for citizens to ask anything they want about the candidate for Congress. The candidate says it’s also an opportunity for taxpayers to tell him what’s on their minds.

Top vote-getter Michael Guest turned down a request from Hughes for debates leading up to the runoff June 26. Hughes reissued his invitation.

“I am going to invite Michael to my town halls and I would welcome his participation.” I respect Michael, but I also respect the voters and their desire to hear from us in a debate setting.”

McDaniel camp promotes endorsement by Bryan Fischer


Senator Wicker appears on Fox Business


WTOK – Councilman discusses ‘leaked’ phone call at news conference

Councilman Weston Lindemann called a press conference to discuss a recently recorded phone call involving himself and a former city employee...

…Lindemann confirmed he recorded a phone call between himself and former Community Development Director Bunky Partridge. According to Lindemann, the call took place in March and discussed a number of topics alleging corruption by the city’s administration and specifically CAO Richie McAlister.

At the news conference Lindemann stated that Partridge did not know he was being recorded and the phone call was leaked by someone other than himself. He says he had to speak up about the call’s contents….

…McAlister did not speak on camera, but did release this statement:

“I have listened to Councilman Lindemann’s unsupported allegations and have forwarded the leaked audio and video recording to the office of the State Auditor for investigation. They will be investigating all of the allegations made and I will cooperate with them to the fullest extent. I am confident that any investigation will prove all allegations false.”

At the news conference, Lindemann spoke on some of the allegations saying he believes he is being watched by the city.

“There’s mention of espionage tactics such as being followed around in black Tahoe’s for the months of March and April. Primarily that was a thing if I was downtown meeting with someone,” Lindemann says.

WTVA – State Auditor: Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors under Investigation

The State Auditor’s office is investigating the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors.

The investigation began after the reconstruction of a bridge located on Reed Road in the fall of 2017.

CLARION LEDGER – Mayor-led prayer at student awards ceremony draws rebuke

A national organization says the mayor of a coastal Mississippi city violated the constitution when he led high school students in a prayer last month.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation makes the accusation in a letter to Long Beach Mayor George Bass.

WLOX-TV reports that the letter says Bass acted in his official government role when he led students in prayer at an awards ceremony. It says the prayer “sends an official message of endorsement of religion over non-religion and Christianity over all other faiths, that excludes many Long Beach residents, including some of the students being awarded.”