WTOK – Sherman, Baria face-off in Tuesday #MSSen Democrat runoff

WJTV – Secretary Hosemann encourages you to vote in runoff election

WTOK – Regulations approved for casino sports betting

Sports betting will now be legal at casinos in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission voted Thursday to approve sports betting regulations, which will go into effect in 30 days.

Congressmen Palazzo, Kelly comment on Farm Bill support


WJTV – Governor Bryant appoints new Executive Director for MEMA

Sen. Hyde-Smith supports Homeland Security Appropriation Bill


WJTV – SCOTUS rules for states on internet sales tax

The U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of states’ ability to collect internet sales taxes.

In a statement Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood calls the ruling a major victory…

…Hood’s office places the number at $50 million in the first year of collection for the state. More importantly, he says the ruling represents a major shift away from big name retailers and gives main street merchants a more level playing field.

State Sen. McDaniel decries SCOTUS internet sales tax ruling


DAILY JOURNAL – Court ruling allowing online collection of taxes could lead to special session

Mississippi collects a 7 percent tax on the sale of most retail items.

Laws will not need to be changed to allow the state to require the online retailers to collect the 7 percent tax.

“There is no need for the state to do anything,” said Sen. Hob Bryan, D-Amory. “We have a law that allows us to collect the use tax from pretty much everybody who moves. … The courts were preventing us from doing that.”

What will be at issue in a special session is where the funds possibly freed up by the Supreme Court ruling should go. Under current law, the funds go to the state general fund that provides revenue for education, health care, law enforcement and some other major agencies. But the Department of Transportation is not funded through the general fund, but through specific taxes – primarily the tax on motor fuel.

Gov. Bryant participates in roundtable hosted by Commerce Secretary


Wicker, Hyde-Smith, Palazzo announce Coast Coliseum improvement grant


WLOX – Ocean Springs Mayor: Mississippi Rising should pay city’s legal bills

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson he wants the Mississippi Rising Coalition to reimburse the city for fighting a lawsuit over the state flag.

Friday morning in a special meeting, Dobson will ask alderman to help him do that.

Dobson told WLOX News Now it’s unfair to have Ocean Springs citizens pay to fight a lawsuit that should never have been filed. “They knowingly filed a frivolous lawsuit solely for a publicity stunt and bullied the city into fighting it, so we want that money back,” he stated.

Dobson will ask alderman to approve filing a claim with the court to order Mississippi Rising to pay the city’s legal bills related to the lawsuit. “I will not be bullied I will stand up to an extremist group and not let the citizens be bullied into paying for it,” Dobson said.