#MSSen: Wicker, Baria spar over #SCOTUS vacancy


NEWSMS – NRA backs Senator Hyde-Smith’s bill

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of federal funds by states, cities or other organizations to keep gun registries.

The bill, titled the Gun-owner Registration Information Protection Act (GRIP), would clarify an existing law regarding federal funds and gun registries. If this legislation were to be enacted, governments and other groups could not use federal funds to store or list sensitive, personal information related to the legal ownership or possession of firearms.

In a news release, Melissa Scallan, communications director for ‘Cindy Hyde-Smith for U.S. Senate’, said this legislation proves that the senator supports the Second Amendment and will do what it takes to protect the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

“The senator has an enhanced-carry permit and is a lifetime member of the NRA,” she said. “This legislation shows her commitment to defend the Second Amendment and fight against new threats to the right to keep and bear arms.”

CLARION LEDGER – Chris McDaniel: Cindy Hyde-Smith has “ideological amnesia” on 2008 presidential vote

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel accuses GOP opponent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith of coming down with a “case of ideological amnesia” when she says she can’t remember who she voted for in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

Hyde-Smith’s campaign has countered that McDaniel has appeared to suffer amnesia about his past voting in a Democratic primary…

…When Weekly Standard reporter Peter Boyer asked Hyde-Smith who she voted for in the 2008 presidential primary, she answered: “You can leave a ballot blank, or you can vote for the third or fourth person on there that nobody knows, because I assure you that I didn’t vote for either (Clinton or Obama). That is just honestly the 100-percent truth.

The Democratic presidential primary that year included Obama, Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich and Christopher Dodd.

Hyde-Smith often voted with Republicans, even when she was a Democrat in the state Senate. Bryant, in appointing her to the U.S. Senate, called her “a rock-solid conservative,” and she was elected twice as state agriculture commissioner as a Republican.

Congressman Harper: My bill delivers for America’s veterans


US NEWS – Brexit leader to headline GOP Senate hopeful’s fundraiser

An architect of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is coming to Pennsylvania to raise money for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Lou Barletta.

Barletta’s campaign said Thursday that Nigel Farage is a friend of one of the hosts and has never met Barletta. The men have at least one thing in common: they are staunch allies of President Donald Trump.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant also is expected to speak at the July 20 event at a private residence near Wilkes-Barre.

Gov. Bryant presents at Education Commission of the States in DC


NEWSMAX – Newsmax’s 10 best Lieutenant Governors in America

9. Tate Reeves, R-Mississippi — He has a background in finance and public administration rather than politics. As a bank executive and first time office-seeker, Reeves in 2007 defeated two seasoned politicians to win nomination as state treasurer and then won the general election over the former state director of finance. As treasurer, the inventive Reeves streamlined his office and was named one of 42 “National Rising Stars in the Republican Party” by Rising Tide, the magazine of the RNC. He won the lieutenant governorship in 2011 and is now considered a strong favorite for the governorship in 2019.

National Democrats don’t know Mississippi


WCBI – State lawmakers discuss key issues going on at the state Capitol during town hall meeting

On Thursday, District 38 Representative Cheikh Taylor held a town hall meeting in Starkville.

Taylor was joined by fellow legislators Kabir Karriem, Karl Gibbs, Carl Mickens and Senator Angela Turner-Ford…

…“If a special session is called, the lottery is one of the main topics and I believe that a lot of people are for it, I’m for it,” said District 38 Representative Cheikh Taylor. “In fact, the estimate is that it’ll probably gain the state of Mississippi about $80 million and we hope to put that towards roads and bridges and also education. As you know education was under funded about $200 million, so a lottery won’t be a silver bullet, but it’ll definitely be a piece of the puzzle to actually getting education fully funded.”

This is Taylor’s first time hosting a town hall meeting since he’s been a state representative, and he plans to have another one later this year.

WJTV – Simpson County Chancery Clerk faces federal indictment

MBJ – Russ Latino: Freedom isn’t frightening

In a recent column—ominously headlined “Koch thought machine will influence Mississippi elections”—Bill Crawford takes aim at Charles and David Koch.

The premise of the article is not new.  Like so many others who have tread this path before him, Crawford leans heavily on inaccuracies and class warfare to raise alarm about the Kochs and the organizations they support…

…There is nothing sinister about trying to persuade people to another way of thinking.  Indeed, it’s precisely what Mr. Crawford was trying to do and it’s why the editorial page of his newspaper exists.  A robust marketplace of ideas is precisely how we sharpen ourselves and progress.

WLBT – Ole Miss & Mississippi State athletics brought in over $100 million in 2017 fiscal year

USA Today released a report Thursday detailing expenses & revenues of all 230 Division 1 teams. The Rebels and Bulldogs brought in over $100 million in revenue in 2016-17.

Ole Miss is #24 in the NCAA at $117,834,511. Mississippi State checks in at #31 at $100,062,237. Those amounts are 12th and 13th respectively in the Southeastern Conference. Texas A&M tops the SEC with $211,960,034 (2nd overall).

Southern Miss brought in $23,984,639 of revenue in 2016-17. The Golden Eagles are ranked 126th in the nation, 13th in Conference USA. Old Dominion topped C-USA with $46,203,813 (67th overall).

The Mississippi SWAC schools are in the 200s in terms of revenue.