WDAM – Mississippi governor appointing new State Auditor

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is appointing a new state auditor.

Current Auditor Stacey Pickering is leaving the statewide elected position July 16 to become director of the state Veterans Affairs Board.

Bryant is announcing Friday who he is choosing to serve the rest of the four-year auditor’s term, which ends in January 2020. The salary is $90,000.

DAILY JOURNAL – Sen. Hyde-Smith: Tighten security at border

A Republican U.S. senator from Mississippi says she wants to strengthen the nation’s border with Mexico.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith told WCBI-TV that she has visited with farmers living along the border, and they face threats from Mexican drug cartels…

…She said it was unfortunate that families were being separated because of a “broken” immigration system.

“No one likes to separate families,” Hyde-Smith said. “I think we do need a better system than what we have and I think we will certainly get to that point, but definitely we have to have a border system that works, that’s legal that we know who’s coming in.”

WCBI – Espy says he will work with President Trump if elected to Senate

The democratic candidate hoping to capture a Mississippi Senate seat in November says he will not make decisions based strictly on partisan politics if elected…

…Espy, who served as secretary of agriculture under President Bill Clinton, says he doesn’t hold to the view that working with President Donald Trump is impossible.

“I’m not one of those people, I’ve never done that, never did it in the congressional office where I served for six years, I never did it as Secretary of Agriculture, and I would not do it as senator. I work with everyone, because I believe in the principle of Mississippi first, If it’s good for Mississippi I’m going to be there, if not I’m going to be somewhere else,” Espy said.

#MSSen: Baria shoots video on “negative impact” of tariffs

Ingalls Shipbuilding awarded additional contract for USS Fitzgerald repairs


MS TODAY – Mayors: Fix road and bridges with online sales tax dollars

Lucedale Mayor Darwin Nelson told Mississippi Today he has one bridge in town and it’s in good shape, but the city could certainly use extra funds for water and sewer repairs. He said he would “absolutely” support using the use tax and suggested Reeves has let municipalities down in recent times.

“I’m a staunch Republican and he is too, but he hasn’t been a friend to any municipality in the last few years,” Nelson said… 

…Several mayors said aging water line and sewage systems, repairs to which come with hefty price tags, also contribute to poor roads.

“Today most of the stuff that’s falling apart that was put in place years and years ago, the cost is 100 times what it cost to repair today compared to what it was then,” said Burnsville Mayor David Nixon. “Just a mile of paving could cost you up into a million dollars.”

WTVA – Mayor speaks out after Aberdeen Board of Alderman vote to slash salary

After an hour long executive session, the Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday night in open session 4 to 0 to slash Mayor Maurice Howard’s salary by $15,000.

City officials say the mayor makes $44,054 a year but Howard hasn’t been available to the public, absent from day to day responsibilities at city hall, not engaging with the board and not posting his schedule.