WJTV – MDOT, Lt. Governor respond to accusations of political pressure over road

CLARION LEDGER – Commissioner Hall takes blame for road to Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves’ subdivision; Reeves agrees

Reeves said if his staff communicated with the Mississippi Department of Transportation about the road, it’s because his neighbors or other constituents wanted updates on it, not him. He said his staff routinely inquires about state road projects on behalf of constituents or other elected officials who can’t get information.

He also accused the Clarion Ledger of “creating a story that doesn’t exist” and other media of suffering confusion at best, or practicing “conflagration.”…

…Reeves on Wednesday announced that he had sent a letter to McGrath, and supplied a copy to media, wanting to know about any political pressure to build the road.

“Knowing that facts are not always presented accurately or in proper context in deadline-driven news reports written by journalists stretched too thin by decreasing news budgets, I would like to investigate this matter directly with you,” Reeves wrote. “…I feel the responsibility — as the Senate’s presiding officer — to delve further into the details of those accusations … and take corrective steps if warranted.”

DAILY JOURNAL – Congressman Kelly broaches trade, immigration with local GOP

Immigration, trade policy and upcoming midterm elections all surfaced as Kelly, a Republican representing Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, spoke to a crowd fielded by the local GOP club Monday night.

Tariffs surfaced early in the congressman’s remarks.

Kelly described himself as “apprehensive” about certain trade policies currently in force but didn’t directly criticize President Donald Trump. The Republican congressman was also quick to echo several of the president’s talking points about the “unfair trade practices” of countries like China…

…Kelly highlighted immigration as an area where demands for perfection from certain quarters had the opposite effect.

“Doing nothing keeps us with a broken system,” Kelly said.

Expanding on this point, Kelly stressed the need for compromise when necessary and urged Republicans not to reject proposals that achieve 80 percent of a desired outcome.

“Quit beating people up for doing a good job,” Kelly said. “The courageous vote is the yes vote.”

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DESOTO TIMES – Sid Salter: Unlike Justice Gorsuch, Kavanaugh will face a partisan Senate confirmation firestorm

It’s highly unlikely that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process will go as smoothly as Gorsuch’s.

Part partisan soap opera and part political kabuki performance, Senate judicial confirmation hearings are complex events that usually have precious little to do with the qualifications of the nominee to serve on the federal bench.

As noted when Gorsuch faced the same process, judicial confirmation hearings are almost always opportunities for the small number of judicial issues that have both major media interest and big lobbies either in favor or against them to engage in ideological warfare with a large audience.

Those issues frequently include gun rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and religious rights. But no issue draws more political fire — pro or con — than abortion rights or more succinctly the Roe v. Wade decision…

…In short, Kavanaugh represents for Senate Democrats a much harder partisan target than did Gorsuch based on his past political activities. That fact, plus the fact that Kavanaugh would be replacing the moderate Justice Kennedy as a right-of-center conservative, will make his confirmation path far more difficult than that which Gorsuch successfully traversed.

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