The Business Facilities 14th Annual Ranking Report keeps pace with evolving priorities of economic development and tracks red-hot growth sectors, kicking off with the state rankings report.

Mississippi is ranking in the top ten for Best Business Climate, Economic Growth Potential, FTZ Activity (exports), and Manufacturing (% of workforce).

The report charts the evolution of an emerging growth sector by comparing annual reports with previous editions from year to year. When a new category is introduced, that ranking usually is a high-level evaluation of who’s ahead of the curve. Solid metrics and real-time data allow the numbers to show the ranking of the leaders. Then, rankings categories subdivide into subsets.

This year the focus was cybersecurity. The report refined the ranking to incorporate the latest employment statistics in what is currently a red-hot field. The report also looks at Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) for the first time and Artificial Intelligence.