Public Service Commissioner for the Central District of Mississippi Cecil Brown used his eleven-and-a-half minutes to call all Mississippi voters’ attention to the upcoming elections cycles.

His message? If you’re okay with what you’ve got, keep the people you have.

“According to the Congressional Budget Office,” said Brown. “For the first time ever.. we will spend a trillion dollars more than we take in. With all the conservatives controlling the House and Senate, we’ll still spend a trillion dollars… we’ll have to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security because that’s where the biggest part of the deficit is. If that’s okay with you, vote to support (the candidates who) Trump.”

Brown touched on next year’s statewide elections as well. He called for a change in leadership to determine a change in Mississippi’s economic climate, citing shortcomings in health care, teacher pay, and public education–all of which Brown claimed is keeping businesses from choosing to expand into Mississippi.

“The number one on the shopping list of a new business is an educated and healthy workforce. But we’re very short on where we need to be on that regard.”

Throughout his speech, Brown kept referring back to his main point– if you want to see change, vote change. Otherwise, vote for the current leadership, if that’s okay with you.