Photo creds: Careme Solomon

This year Congressman Gregg Harper announced he would be stepping down from his seat in the Third Congressional District and heading back to the private sector.

Earlier in the day Democratic nominee for #ms03 Michael Ted Evans thanked Harper for his time and service in Washington and then turned around and said the next person that the people send to D.C. needs to care about the “whole district.” Harper addressed the statements saying to hear that is disappointing and said to say he only cares about Rankin County was simply inaccurate.

At Neshoba on Wednesday he gave advice to young people considering running for office, complimented the current administration on getting things done, and reiterated his endorsement for Michael Guest as his successor.

Photo creds: Careme Solomon

“I’m very proud that Michael Guest will follow in my footsteps. Michael Guest is going to be a great member of Congress,” said Harper.

As he reflected on his time in office he said the thing he would remember most was helping start an intern program for students with intellectual disabilities. Nine years later they hired their first full time employee from the program.

“I encourage people look at those with special needs when you’re making your hiring decisions,” said Harper “That program has changed the hearts of those staffers and they’ll be the ones 10, 15, 20 years from now making the hiring decisions.”