Only 26 days have elapsed since Shad White was appointed State Auditor. White discussed some immediate changes and projects that have been made in the four short weeks since he was sworn into the position.

Tuesday, the Auditor’s office released its budget request to the legislature– they’re asking for $100,000 less than spent last year.

“When I walked in the office.. I said look, let’s take this opportunity to give a fresh look at everything we’re doing,” said White. “We were able to identify some things and ask for less money than we did last year.”

White announced a historical first for his agency. For the first time in history–the auditor is auditing..the auditor. Then White is bringing in auditors from around the country. Then asking state and local government to do the same.

“We want to make sure we’re compliant,” said White. “We want to make sure we’re financially airtight.”

White also announced a new website aimed at full transparency and efforts to increase cybersecurity within the office–and then challenged other agencies to do the same.