Neshoba Political Speaking Schedule for Today

Honorable Cecil Brown (D), Public Service Commissioner, Central District 9:00am
Tobey Bernard Bartee, candidate for United States Senate, State of MS 9:10am
Honorable Dick Hall (R), Chairman, MS Transportation Commission 9:20am
Honorable Mike Chaney (R), Commissioner of Insurance, State of MS 9:30am
Honorable Shad White (R) State Auditor, State of MS 9:40am
Honorable Michael Ted Evans (D), Candidate, US House of Rep., 3rd District 9:50am
Honorable Michael Guest (R), Candidate, US House of Rep., 3rd District 10:00am
Honorable Delbert Hosemann (R), Secretary of State, State of MS 10:10am
Honorable Jim Hood (D), Attorney General, State of Mississippi 10:20am
Honorable Gregg Harper (R), Congressman, US House of Rep., 3rd District 10:30am
Honorable Tate Reeves (R) Lieutenant Governor, State of Mississippi 10:40am

WTOK – Large crowd expected for Neshoba Fair Political Speaking

Former State Rep, now Ag Commissioner Gipson congratulates Wallace on HD 77 special election win


WJVT – Senators votes to extend National Flood Insurance Program

The program was set to expire at midnight. The four-month extension does not include reforms, something Senator Wicker called for his colleagues to consider in order the keep the program financially sustainable.

“Passing this reauthorization right before the deadline does not entitle us to pat ourselves on the back. Instead, it should motivate members to work across the aisle to provide meaningful reforms,” Wicker said during his speech. “We need to make this program financially sustainable for the long-term. But we also need to assure property owners they are not going to be hit with a huge insurance bill that they cannot afford.”

Both senators say they support competition from the private sector to bring high flood insurance rates down.

“Many Mississippians rely on the National Flood Insurance Program.  It won’t lapse for now, but Congress needs to act on long-term reauthorization legislation with commonsense reforms that will, among other things, improve flood insurance and address the waste, abuse and mismanagement plaguing the system,” Hyde-Smith said.

WLBT – Rep. Bennie Thompson writes DHS on homeland security implications of 3D printed gun blueprints published online

In the letter, Congressman Thompson writes:

“Allowing unregistered homemade firearms to proliferate in our communities puts public safety and homeland security at risk.”

“The spread of homemade firearms will unquestionably impede the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to protect the American people. For years, security experts have warned of the threat posed by the ‘lone wolf’ terrorist.  In my estimation, the ability of a lone wolf attacker to print untraceable firearms at home will make it much more difficult for law enforcement to detect terrorist plots and prevent violence. It will complicate efforts to secure transportation, mass gatherings, Federal buildings, and government leaders, as metal detectors will fail to detect plastic guns. Fundamentally, the availability of homemade firearms will lead to more violence as it renders meaningless the few protections in place to prevent the sale of firearms to dangerous individuals.”

Senator Wicker considers US impact of Global Internet Governance


NEWSMS – Hood pushes election security improvements

Attorney General Jim Hood, along with a bipartisan coalition of 21 attorneys general, wrote to congressional leaders urging them to improve American cyber security and protect the integrity of the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

According to Hood, the letter comes after a recent investigation found Russian hackers targeted the American electoral system, stole the private information of hundreds of thousands of people, and infiltrated a company that supplies voting software across the nation, putting the upcoming elections at serious risk.

MBJ – Bill Crawford: Mississippi GOP candidates quiet on Trump tariffs and bailouts

“On a conference call with reporters Tuesday, administration officials said they expect the infusion of money to be a one-time shot that will not extend into next year,” an NBC News analysis reported. “Read another way, that means $12 billion for farmers in an election year — and nothing once they’ve voted.”
Republican debt hawks have another problem. Much of the $12 billion bailout will be borrowed from the U.S. Treasury using emergency powers Congress granted to the Commodity Credit Corp. 
The total national debt, which he promised to eliminate in eight years, topped $21 trillion in March and is soaring upward under Trump. The Congressional Budget Office now projects annual deficits will exceed WWII levels relative to GDP. 
No Mississippi Republican politician running for election this November was among those criticizing Trump’s tariffs or the bailout. Instead, they are all-in for Trump. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that is not congruent with being all-in for Mississippi. 

DAILY JOURNAL – Finance reports open window into brief Shelton Senate run

Federal campaign finance filings by Jason Shelton offer a peek into his short-lived bid for the U.S. Senate.

During the month-or-so he was a declared candidate in a special election to replace the now-retired Thad Cochran, Shelton received a total of about $61,000 in campaign donations and loaned his own campaign about $14,000, all while spending about $57,500 on the campaign…

…Prominent donors to Shelton’s campaign included Tupelo Chief of Police Bart Aguirre, named to his current post by Shelton, and former Mayor Jack Reed Jr., who served office as a Republican.

Campaign staff consumed much of Shelton’s campaign cash.

WAPT – Councilman wants to bring NASCAR to Jackson

Ward 6 Councilman Aaron Banks said a study will be released Tuesday on what it would take to build a professional race track in Jackson.

“We’re confident that this feasibility study is going to look real good. The proposed location looks real good,” Banks said. “The work that has to take place now is those who will be investors, and those that want to step to the table and be investors, get the opportunity.”