Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Danny Bedwell explained his limited government stance from the historic podium of politicking at the Neshoba County Fair Thursday.

“I’m limited government,” said Bedwell. “Just so you know. From the fiscal side, from the economic side, and from the civil liberties side.”

Bedwell stated that no one was “smart enough” to regulate the economy for 300 million people. And while others may rally to regulate schools or the economy, Bedwell aims to regulate something else.

“I don’t want to regulate you, your soybean prices, or your kids. I want to regulate Washington,” said Bedwell. “Washington is what needs regulating.”

The libertarian candidate acknowledged what opponents have said about wasting a vote on a third party–but he says maybe those libertarian votes aren’t the ones that are wasted after all.

“We are $21 trillion dollars in debt. We have a police state, a regulatory state, and a surveillance state,” said Bedwell. “And that was brought to you by Republicans and by Democrats.”