Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann took the stage for a packed house in his 11th year at the Neshoba County Fair. Hosemann talked of the successes of his office as it is in it’s 4th year with a constitutional voter ID, a movement many liberals were not supportive of with fears of “disenfranchising citizens.”

“Not only did we not disenfranchise anybody, we’ve issued over 6,000 ID’s. Those are citizens now invited to the poles with their own ID’s,” said Hosemann.

A recent poll showed that 81% of Mississippians approved of voter ID at the polls, and Hosemann reminded the crowd, “dead people don’t vote in Mississippi.” His office is the most automated SOS office in the country with dozens of awards for their website, including the launch of Y’all Vote.

Due to the accomplishments of his office, Hosemann said he believes he has fulfilled his commitments as Secretary of State and told the crowd he would not be running again, but alluded to the fact that he would bid for another position in state legislature.

Hosemann did not say which position he would be running for, but assured voters he would be on the ballot in  2019.