Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Espy stated at the Neshoba County Fair Thursday that’s he going far above playing party politics if elected to Washington.

“I’ll be an independent senator for Mississippi,” said Espy. “I’ll work with Republicans and Democrats.”

For much of his speech, Espy touted things he’s already accomplished for the state and the nation, such as Reagan era legislation for development in the Delta and downsizing at the USDA.

Espy vouched for the need for free and open markets and competition in the markets in Mississippi and the benefits that would be seen among Mississippi farmers.

“We need people who..just to do better,” said Espy. “I’ve done this as an independent person over and over again, and after November 6, I’ll do it again.”

Politically speaking, Espy sounded more like Roger Wicker, touting the need for rural broadband development, which would increase internet access in the more remote parts of the state