Attorney General Jim Hood was one of Wednesday’s final speakers. He bragged on his office’s accomplishments over the last year. His office has returned over $206 million to Mississippians, won several cases that would prevent Federal overreach, one of which dealt with internet sales tax and another on sports betting.

Hood said he’s at a disadvantage though because he is constantly butting heads with Legislators.

“Just this year in the Senate they amended a bill that everyone wanted (to be) passed for the Public Service Commission to be reinitiated and they stuck a poison pill in there to give Entergy the opportunity to stop the case,” said Hood. He claims that is a billion dollar case that he plans to win.

He said the statistics that current legislators are touting aren’t accurate; unemployment rates aren’t as low as they’re claiming and Mississippi’s economy isn’t in a good place, which is a different narrative than what he says Republican leaders are claiming.

He made no affirmations or denials of whether or not he will run for his office or a different office in 2019.