Governor Phil Bryant wrapped up this year’s Neshoba County Fair speeches per tradition. He focused on Mississippi’s accomplishments during his time as governor, contrary to how other speakers described the state’s progress in previous days.

On Wednesday the Attorney General said that the statistics Republican’s were touting as success, weren’t accurate, but Gov. Bryant says the numbers don’t lie. Since coming into office unemployment has dropped to 4.7%, the lowest in the state’s history. Currently 1,168,300 people have jobs.

“We’ve got to teach our children how to work,” said Gov. Bryant.

At the end of his speech, Bryant called out one of yesterday’s speakers, a Democratic candidate in the Third Congressional District, for his controversial comments toward Hispanic workers.

The speaker (Michael Ted Evans) said “I’ve never seen a Mexican come across the boarder with a college degree…”

“The media said that was the best speech at the Neshoba County Fair,” said Bryant. “Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen if I or any other Republican had made such an offensive remark you would have seen it on the front pages.”

He said it’s that double standard that lights the fire in the hearts of conservatives.