It’s no secret the Chris McDaniel supporters made up at least the most vocal part of the crowd today, they came out ready to support their candidate with t-shirts, signs, and loud cheers.

McDaniel shared how he became passionate about a conservative way of life inspired by the Reagan Revolution that called for change.

“You see the establishment hated him, but I loved him,” said McDaniel.

A line that fits in well with his campaign rhetoric to get rid of the establishment in Washington and “drain the swamp.” McDaniel said modern Democrats have now become more Socialist than Democrat claiming it to be a dangerous party that must be stopped.

“We will not win this one unless we stand to fight for a change,” said McDaniel.

When it comes to Republican’s, McDaniel is not too proud of his own party either. He says other state Republican’s claim everything is going well in Washington but McDaniel begs to differ, tired of conservatives compromising with the left.

“What will today be, how will we remember Neshoba Mississippi? Will this be a day of a funeral or a day of a resurrection, a day of mourning or revival? Is the Reagan Revolution still underway or has it been discarded in the ash bin of history,” said McDaniel.