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DAILY JOURNAL – Lottery finds little favor among many Northeast Mississippi lawmakers

If a lottery comes to Mississippi, it will likely happen without strong support from the legislative delegation of the state’s northeast corner.

Gambling, like alcohol, has long been politically fraught in a state that tends toward conservative social views from whichever party holds power in Jackson.

But recently, a drumbeat of support in favor of a lottery has grown more pronounced. Gov. Phil Bryant has been a key voice maintaining attention on this issue…

…Opposing a lottery in those interviews were Rep. Jerry Turner, R-Baldwyn; Rep. Randy Boyd, R-Mantachie; Rep. William Tracy Arnold, R-Booneville; Sen. Chad McMahan, R-Guntown; Sen. Hob Bryan, D-Amory and Sen. J.P. Wilemon Jr, D-Belmont.

Offering support for a lottery were Steve Holland, D-Plantersville and Shane Aguirre, R-Tupelo.

Sen. Russell Jolly, D-Houston, said he is currently undecided about his stance on a lottery.

CLARION LEDGER – Analysis: Road money session waits on Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves

Rep. Trey Lamar, a Senatobia Republican who has been involved in some talks on the House side, said a late-August date is possible for such a session, although speculated start dates have been pushed back over the course of the summer.

“The lieutenant governor has gotten on board a little bit,” Lamar said. Reeves’ own office didn’t respond to questions asked Thursday.

The House position is pretty clear, built around a cornerstone of diverting part of increased taxes on internet sales to counties and cities so they can step up local road maintenance. House members close to Gunn have also said he’s willing to allow a lottery to pass, even though Gunn personally opposes state-sponsored gambling. Some House members still want to swap increased fuel taxes for income tax cuts, but that proposal is getting less discussion in recent months, in part because Bryant and Reeves are both flatly opposed to increasing fuel taxes for any reason.

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CLARION LEDGER – 2nd judge removes himself from former Madison County supervisor Karl Banks’ case

See the source imageThe Mississippi Supreme Court has to appoint a new judge to hear former longtime Madison County Supervisor Karl Banks’ challenge of his 2015 reelection loss by two votes after a second special judge removed himself from the case.

Last year, Chief Justice William Waller Jr. filed an order naming retired Circuit Judge Richard McKenzie of Hattiesburg to replace Special Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey who removed himself from the case.

Now McKenzie has recused himself from the case about six weeks before the trial was scheduled to begin on Sept. 25.

McKenzie filed an order Thursday recusing himself from the case, saying he will have to undergo surgery during the time the case is set for trial.

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CLARION LEDGER – Battle of election stickers continues: MSGOP blasts Rep. Jay Hughes ‘vote for vet’ decals

The state Republican Party is crying foul over Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Rep. Jay Hughes following through on his promise to distribute thousands of “vote in honor of a veteran” stickers with his name and current office on them.

In a statewide email, the MSGOP said there were voter complaints from the Jackson school bond issue election Tuesday about “(Hughes) and his Democratic allies distributing stickers to vote for candidate Jay Hughes disguised on vote in honor of a veteran stickers.”…

…Hughes said neither he nor his campaign distributed any stickers at polls on Tuesday. He said people at campaign stops and through his website had requested 10,000 of the stickers — along with thousands of Jay Hughes hand fans and drink cozies — and that some of those people must have handed them out at polls.

The MSGOP email called Hughes “the other L word” after “when voters complained, liberal Jay denied having anything to do with it.” The email also showed a picture of Hughes’ large campaign RV, the “Imagine Bus,” after it got stuck under a portico at the Capitol when the driver misjudged it’s height recently.

Congressman Scalise to headline MSGOP Victory Lunch


MBJ – Bill Crawford: GOP leaders call Democrats dangerous enemy

While Gunn and Reeves warned voters about Democrats, both have sought out numerous Democratic legislators and recruited them to switch parties. Those former Democrats give Gunn and Reeves the Republican super majorities they now use to control the Legislature.

So, let’s see. Democrats are the scary enemy except when they can be recruited to become Republicans. But even after they switch, it’s okay to castigate them for being former Democrats.

Makes a lot of sense, huh?

Voters might be better served if our political leaders focused on the policy differences between Mississippi Democrats and Mississippi Republicans rather using dangerous enemy rhetoric to stir emotions.

But it seems that reasoned debate and common sense are just not in the works.