Today, Lt. Gov. Tate reeves told reporters he may be ready to come to an agreement on transportation funding proposals from the House of Representatives, which could prove for a speedy and successful special session.

“Gov. Bryant, Speaker Gunn and I have worked for the past four months on a plan that directs additional dollars to repair and maintain roads and bridges on the state highway system. We are still finalizing details of how cities could receive meaningful assistance on infrastructure projects, and I am optimistic we will find a solution that provides results for city, county and state roads,” said Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.

Last week Gov. Phil Bryant tweeted out that he would call a special session on August 23 with most people assuming the goal would be to discuss transportation funding and finding a solution to the states deteriorating roads.

The Associated Press reported Reeves said any package passed to increase spending on the state Department of Transportation might include some taxes on internet sales to cities and counties or money from sports betting and a state lottery

The main point seems to continue to be how these dollars will be given to cities and counties.