There’s a potential for a major defection among Democrats after the 2018 election whether they take over the US House of Representatives or not.  Over 50 democratic lawmakers were polled in a recent NBC report—and there is a substantial thirst among the caucus for a new Democrat leader in the U.S. House.

Pelosi (D-California) has been a Congresswoman for over 30 years, and nearly half of that time has been spent in leadership.  The leadership vote is the most important vote a congressman makes.  It vexed fence-straddling Democrats like former US Rep. Travis Childers.

Representative Michael “Ted” Evans, Mississippi’s Democratic candidate for the Third Congressional District, said he supports the call for new leadership.

“I’m not planning on supporting her. I think it’s time for new leadership. Out of 435 members of Congress, there’s got to be someone that’s in the middle of the road that can put politics aside and do what’s best for the American people,” said Evans. “that’s who I’m going to be looking for if I’m elected.”


Representative Jeramey Anderson stated that his focus currently is on winning the seat, then onto matters in Congress:

“Our main focus is winning the house seat at this moment. Rep. Anderson does not feel it is appropriate to make definitive statements about who he would back for leadership until he is an elected member of the House. Our main concern, regarding any decision made if elected, is always what serves the best interest of South Mississippi. House leadership is important, but the people and the needs of those he is elected to serve will always be Representative Anderson’s main priority.”

Congressman Bennie Thompson of the second district and Randy Mack Wadkins (MS First Congressional Democrat nominee) were contacted for comment but did not respond.