Gov. Bryant issues the call for the Special Session


CLARION LEDGER – State Sen. Hob Bryan: Road funding: Special session is a waste of money, just like the plans being floated

Because of political pressure to do something about highways, there’s a scheme that will appear to help. It would scrape up a pile of iffy money (from sports betting, increased collections on out-of-state retail sales and from a lottery, for example) and take real money away from the general fund. It wouldn’t fix our highways, but it might push the problem past next year’s elections.

Also, the state treasury is getting money to make up losses it suffered because of the BP oil spill. Instead of using this one-time money for something long-lasting, there’s a frenzy to spend it on politically expedient schemes.

Oh, and there’s a plan to take even more money out of the general fund and send it to cities and counties, purportedly for infrastructure. Local governments need help, but this is inadequate, and the general fund can’t afford it.

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CLARION LEDGER – In less than a week, another judge steps down from hearing Karl Banks’ election lawsuit

In less than a week, a newly appointed judge has removed himself from hearing former longtime Madison County Supervisor Karl Banks’ challenge of his 2015 reelection loss by two votes.

Last week, state Supreme Court Chief Justice William Waller Jr. filed an order naming Stephen Simpson as substitute judge in the case. On Monday, Simpson filed a recusal order, but didn’t give a specific reason.

Simpson said he “finds that there are certain grounds which would require that he be disqualified from further participation in the case.”

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WDAM – MDOT Commissioner King says funds are needed from special session

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Tom King hopes MDOT will get some money from the special session later this week.

Gov. Bryant has called a special session beginning Thursday to fund repairs to roads and bridges.

King was in Oak Grove Tuesday, speaking to Forrest-Lamar Republican Women.

He hopes lawmakers will find some funds for his agency.

“We need it badly for repairs,” said King. “Right now, we don’t have enough money to maintain what we have and certainly, we’re counting on the Legislature this special session to take care of all of our needs, not only for the state, but the locals also.”

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