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NEWSMS – Parties disagree on infrastructure approach

The Mississippi Democratic Caucus was up first, and Chairman David Baria delivered the initial remarks for the party and stated that they feel that deals were struck behind closed doors and without public input. 

“We think there are solutions out there, but we need an open process so that all stakeholders can have an opportunity to come in and listen, and to provide input,” Baria said. “Then we can come back in regular session and address this problem comprehensively and inclusively so that Mississippians have a voice in this process instead of being handed a bill at the last minute that no one has read.”

Senator Hob Bryan also spoke of how leaders should step up and be the ones to shoulder the burden of funding the shortcomings in the state. 

“Have you seen or heard a single person purporting to be a leader step up and say ‘tax me’? Instead, it’s a variation of the old saying ‘don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that man behind the tree.’ The result is outlandish tax cuts that we cannot afford,” Bryan said. “We are now in the situation that we’re in where we don’t have enough money to operate the government, let alone deal with the desperate needs for infrastructure.”

Baria mentioned that with more time to collaborate, he would’ve suggested putting a freeze on $400 million corporate tax cuts and put that money toward infrastructure. 

WLBT – Mississippi Senate passes bill to create state lottery

Mississippi senators have passed a bill to create a state lottery, spending proceeds on state highways for at least 10 years.

The Senate voted 30-20 on Thursday to approve Senate Bill 2001. The measure moves to the House for more debate.

Passage came after hours of debate which largely questioned the freedom that the Legislature would give to the Mississippi Lottery Corp, exempting it from bid laws, open meetings laws and open records laws.

Committee Chairman Willie Simmons, a Cleveland Democrat, says the lottery is projected to provide about $40 million to the state in its first year and about $80 million in later years.

WJTV – UPDATE: Legislative Special Session considers infrastructure funding options

DAILY JOURNAL – Lottery and aid to localities advance in special session

Mississippi is closer to having a state lottery and diverting existing tax money, all to improve roads and bridges.

The state Senate voted 30-20 on Thursday, the first day of a special session, to pass legislation to create a state lottery, despite questions about the sweeping powers proposed for the lottery corporation in Senate Bill 2001 . Meanwhile, House members voted 108-5 for a plan to divert 35 percent of the state’s current tax on internet and catalog sales to city and county infrastructure needs…

…Others, though, questioned a bill that would exempt the lottery from the state’s bid laws, open records laws and open meetings laws. The bill would create a Mississippi Lottery Corp., which would be governed by a five-member board appointed by the governor. The board would hire a president of the corporation, subject to the governor’s veto… 

…Representatives passed House Bill 1 , which House leaders say will provide $110 million annually to cities and counties in 2022 when fully phased in.

Counties and cities would be given the money as long as they don’t decrease the amount they’re currently spending. Counties could spend the money only on roads and bridges, while cities could also spend money on water and sewer work. Each city would be guaranteed at least $10,000 a year.

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CLARION LEDGER – Reeves’ office knew about controversial frontage road in 2014. What else do records show?

Records and comments from the Mississippi Department of Transportation raise questions of how, with his office riding close herd on the overall Lakeland project — getting involved in speeding up moving utilities and even setting a deadline for the start of the project — Reeves could have been unaware of or uninvolved in the part about a road to his neighborhood.

Reeves’ office was sent preliminary sketches of options for the “frontage road” to the gated community of Oakridge and Dogwood subdivisions in September 2014, around the time the road was added to the project. The communication, from its context, appears not to be the first about the frontage road, and many other communications followed.

WTOK – Insurance commissioner warning about unlicensed agent

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney and the Mississippi Insurance Department issued an alert Thursday that an unlicensed agent is operating in the Lauderdale County area, that does not have an agent’s license and has no authority to collect insurance premiums or write insurance policies.

In a news release, Chaney said Sylvia Lynn Dickinson, of Bailey, has been acting as an insurance agent by collecting premiums and writing policies using the name Superior Insurance.

WDAM – Mississippi aims to be proactive with school safety task force

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