On this week’s broadcast of Alabama Public Television’s “Capitol Journal,” host Don Daily asked Gov. Kay Ivey about the prospects for a lottery in Alabama given the governor in Mississippi was convening a special session to consider a lottery.

In the Yellow Hammer article, Ivey explained she would support the people’s right to vote on a lottery, but added that the legislature would have to act first.

“The only way the people can get to vote is if the legislature passes a constitutional amendment allowing a lottery,” she said. “And certainly, I support the people’s right to vote, but first the legislature has got to pass a constitutional amendment allowing a lottery.”

Ivey dismissed Mississippi’s decision to consider a lottery as a reason for Alabama to do the same and said that given the economic climate in her state, a lottery might not be appropriate at this time.

“You said Mississippi, so the discussion comes up — just because another state does something, does that mean we just need to jump in there and do it, too? Right now, our economy is robust. People are working — more so than ever before. We continue to manage our funds and spend prudently and wisely and reduce unnecessary duplication and find ways to spend smarter. We just might not need a lottery right now.”

“Just because everybody else does something, does that make it good, or right or you ought to do it?” Ivey added. “There’s something called doing things right because it’s the right thing to do. I just support our people working hard and having a robust economy, which we have now. And signs are that will continue for some time. And I’m proud to be a part of Alabama working again.”

@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and is the editor of Breitbart TV.

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