Tuesday, Gov. Bryant spoke exclusively with Y’all Politics on extending the call for the special session to include BP Oil money.

“I have just issued a call to expand the call for this special session to include the BP funding. Once we have an agreement between the House and Senate, I’ve been told we are there, I am moving forward to make sure we have those projects not only on the Gulf Coast, but a portion of which will go throughout Mississippi,” said Gov. Bryant.

I’m excited about where we are at, if you think about what we have accomplished with the Senate and House leadership,” said Gov. Phil Bryant.

On Friday lawmakers passed the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act. That will put $200 million a year into roads and bridges across the state. Gov. Bryant says it was a crisis situation after this summers major bridge closures.

Also passed was the lottery bill, which estimates to bring in at least $80 million net dollars a year. The bill included language that would allow for anything over that amount be put towards Mississippi education.

“It’s been a good couple of days and well worth the special session it takes to get these bills passed,” said Gov. Bryant.