Most Mississippians though the spectre of campaign goofiness in 2014 was gone.  Wrong.

Rick Shaftan of Atlantic Media and Research was recently commissioned by the “Courageous Conservatives PAC” to poll the Mississippi Senate race.

Among other chapters in a relatively odd political resume, Shaftan was the leader of the Courageous Conservatives PAC when it was at the tip of the spear in the #NeverTrump movement at the 2016 Republican convention.

Rick Shaftan, who heads the super PAC, Courageous Conservative, backing the group’s effort, told NBC News it intends to target rules committee members in their home states by running advertisements — on radio, Facebook and in robocalls— encouraging voters to call the two rules committee members in their state and telling them to unbind the delegates.

“The Trump campaign wants to harass people? It can go two ways,” Shaftan said. “We can put pressure on delegates. We won’t threaten their lives, but we can put their names out and tell people to call them up to release the delegates.”

He has also done work in this cycle for Corey Stewart in VA and Kelli Ward in AZ.  He recently opined that John McCain was “A POS even in death“.

Posted by Courageous Conservatives PAC on Monday, September 3, 2018

Posted by Courageous Conservatives PAC on Monday, September 3, 2018

The poll itself is pretty innocuous, and few details are provided on the poll itself.  It shows McDaniel a distant third as other polls, including two run by Y’all Politics, have shown.

The PAC also announced that they’re making a six figure investment in the race for McDaniel.

The PAC itself is currently on vapors with only $51K COH.  But it is backstopped by Dallas investor Christopher Ekstrom, which currently guarantees $291,000 of loans for the PAC that are outstanding.

The Shaftan/Courageous Conservatives PAC combo have brought some doozies in the past against Donald Trump.

They’re particularly fond of pressing the Confederate angle.

Buckle up.  It does not take a whole lot of imagination to see where this is heading.  It’s about to get goofy again.