Thursday, Executive Director of Mississippi Medicaid, Drew Snyder, tweeted that Medicaid has made a substantial cut to it’s FY 2019 budget. They deficit is from $40 million to $5 million.

After the information was released, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves shared some of his own thoughts as to where the money could go, including teacher pay raises and a boost in pay for CPS workers.

And it looks like Gov. Bryant agrees…

What does it all mean? Could we see legislation in the 2019 legislative session to invoke a pay raise initiatives?

This could be foreshadowing on what is to come in January when lawmakers return to the State Capitol for the 2019 Legislative Session.

Senator Gray Tollison, Chairman of the Education Committee said he thinks these pay raises would be a great idea. While no dollar amount has been discussed he believes that after the passage of an infrastructure bill, it puts lawmakers in a better place to be able to accomplish something like teacher pay raises. He said if everything continues to come together like it has been and revenue continues to improve, then legislation targeting salary could be brought up.

However some lawmakers are calling the social media posts a hoax.

No word is clear on a plan to initiate this raise, but there is support from lawmakers who are applauding the initiative to change the salaries of teachers across the state.