The newly formed Black Economic Alliance has endorsed Mississippi’s Democratic candidate Mike Espy in his run for Thad Cochran’s retired U.S. Senate seat.

The BE Alliance has endorsed 14 total candidates–white and black– that they say will make elected officials more responsive to their needs.

“The U.S. Senate candidate for Mississippi demonstrates his commitment through his policy agenda, in which he emphasizes the needs of African-Americans in the State of Mississippi,” the website read. “Espy has placed the BEA policy agenda — increasing work, wages, and wealth as a means for bolstering success within the Black community — at the center of his campaign.”

The website also vouches for Espy’s knowledge of the needs of the black community in Mississippi, which is the state with the largest African-American population.

“As evidenced by the campaign’s key policy papers, his campaign not only supports the BEA’s policy agenda, it has made it a key priority,” read the site. “Overall, Espy has expressed support for all of BEA’s policy stances. He is unequivocally a candidate worthy of endorsement.”

13 other candidates have garnered the support of the BE Alliance, including former vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advisor Lauren Underwood, and immigration attorney Kathy Manning.