Gov. Bryant looks forward to rescheduled event as President Trump cancels Jackson stop as Hurricane approaches east coast


Hyde-Smith on cancellation of rally


#MSSen: McDaniel uses Trump rally cancellation as opportunity to jab at Hyde-Smith over debating


WTOK – Commission puts 2 Senate races atop Mississippi ballot

Mississippi’s two U.S. Senate races will appear at the top of the November ballot.

State election commissioners approved a sample ballot Monday, showing the regular Senate race first, then a special race.

The last time Mississippi had two Senate races in 2008, the special race was initially put at the bottom of the ballot. That was reversed after a court fight.

WJTV – Mississippi Election Commission works to certify ballots

WTVA – Noxubee County chancery clerk ordered to repay money

The State Auditor’s Office is demanding Noxubee County’s chancery clerk repay thousands of dollars.

Special agents delivered a civil demand to Mary Washington in the amount of $38,555.78, which includes interest and investigative costs.

According to the State Auditor’s Office, Washington donated almost $20,000 in public funds that were intended for office expenses to multiple local churches.

MBJ – Bill Crawford: Special session puts Band-Aid on state road and bridge sores

It appears Reeves along with Gunn and Gov. Phil Bryant will lead the parade of elected officials touting this special session as the much needed cure to our escalating road and bridge crisis.

Regrettably, it’s more a band aid than a cure.

The MEC Excelerate Mississippi program has documented the state has over $6 billion of unfunded road and bridge repairs. The program recommended increasing annual funding to MDOT by $300 million and to cities and counties by $75 million to make a serious dent in this problem over a 10-year period.

What the special session provided for MDOT was up to $80 million a year from the new state lottery once it is fully phased in plus new sports betting taxes of about $5 million. It also authorizes new one-time debt of $250 million for emergency road and bridge repairs. All this is far below the $300 million needed annually.

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WJTV – State Board approves plans for new charter school

Mississippi’s Charter School Authorizer Board has approved plans for Ambition Preparatory Charter School to open in Jackson.  The school will serve grades K-8.

The board is still delaying decisions on other charter schools and is denying an application for a school in Canton.

The state has four charter schools in Jackson. There is one in Clarksdale.

Gov. Bryant helps unveil Welty marker