WTOK – Mississippi sets hearing for state budget

Mississippi lawmakers will hold a single day of public hearings next week to start the months-long process of writing a state budget.

Hearings are set for Monday at the Woolfolk state office building, across the street from the state Capitol in downtown Jackson.

State agencies have already submitted requests for the 2020 budget year, which begins July 1, 2019.

The Budget Committee used to hold several days of hearings each September to ask questions of state agency leaders.

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WLOX – Editorial: BP state settlement money heading to South Mississippi

Well it finally happened. The state legislature agreed on how to spend the $750 million coming to the state from the BP oil disaster settlement and the governor signed the bill into law. Now 75 percent of the settlement money will come to the six southernmost Mississippi counties.

We had argued that 100 percent of the money belonged to the coast since the coast is where the damage was done. There were some in the state who wanted to distribute the BP money equally across the entire state.

While difficult to swallow any of the money going elsewhere, the 75 percent compromise for South Mississippi seems to be wise and the best deal our local legislators could get.