The Mississippi GOP is starting their efforts on the stretch run of the US Senate campaign and launched a website and a corresponding ad to remind voters of the chapter of U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Espy where he was indicted and subsequently investigated.

The site, says Mike Espy is “too corrupt for the Clintons” and “too liberal for Mississippi.”

The website outlines investigations of corruption, fines brought about by those investigations, and votes for tax hikes that Espy had cast in the past.

“Mississippi is in a position to make a profound impact on the U.S. Senate, and it’s our job to continue educating voters on who Mike Espy really is,” said MS GOP communications director Jennifer Dunagin. “Mike Espy can spout moderate talking points all he wants, but the fact of the matter is that these radical Democrats stumping for his candidacy clearly believe he would be a solid left-wing vote for them in the Senate.”

“Mike Espy said last week that he hopes voters remember him, and so do we. Anyone who is too corrupt for the Clintons is too liberal for Mississippi.”