WLOX – McDaniel: Most misconduct allegations “absolutely fabricated”

In an interview that aired Monday on American Family Radio, Chris McDaniel said when it comes to allegations made against high profile political candidates, “99% of the time are just absolutely fabricated.” McDaniel made that comment on Focal Point, a program hosted by Bryan Fischer.

“I’m tired of all these made up scandals frankly,” the U.S. Senate candidate said to Fischer when asked about a sexual misconduct allegation launched against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. “We have a system where Judge Kavanaugh is obviously well suited for, and they’re going to drag something up even theoretically, allegedly from all those years ago that all of a sudden disqualifies this man. All of a sudden, he’s a terrible human being. No not a chance. I don’t fall for it anymore. I hope the American people aren’t falling for it. These allegations 99% of the time are just absolutely fabricated.”

On line blogs jumped on that statement. One posted on an Atheist website claimed McDaniel’s statement inferred the woman who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct made everything up.

McDaniel’s campaign spokesman Tanner Watson said campaign staffers read some of the blogs. “He’s not saying 99% of all sexual misconduct allegations are false,” Watson said when asked to clarify what McDaniel meant.

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WLOX – Judge denies Walker request to postpone revocation hearing

Dr. Bill Walker will return to a federal courtroom Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Keith Starrett just shot down a defense request to reschedule Walker’s supervised release revocation hearing until October 19.

After a short telephone conference call with attorneys, a docket entry was posted in Walker’s file. It said, “The Motion for Continuance of Hearing to be held on 9/19/2018 is Denied.”

Defense attorney John Weber filed the motion to continue on Tuesday. “The requested continuance will serve the ends of justice and is not sought for purposes of delay,” the defense attorney wrote in the motion.

WJTV – Four Mississippi universities receive $20 million

Four Mississippi universities will share a $20 million federal science grant.

The National Science Foundation awarded the money over the next five years for researchers to study electronic devices which create, detect and control light.

Mississippi State University will administer the grant, while the University of Southern Mississippi will lead the science work. Jackson State University and the University of Mississippi will also be part of the group.

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