McDaniel tries to crash Trump’s party 

On Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported that the campaign for Chris McDaniel for US Senate has urged supporters to attend a Trump rally in Southaven on October 2–and according to the Miami Herald, it’s a move that the Cindy-Hyde Smith for US Senate campaign is calling “pathetic.”

In the article, writer William Douglas discussed the email McDaniel sent to supporters and the reaction of the Hyde-Smith camp.

Below is the content from that email:

“Let’s get every America First Conservative out to the rally in support of President Trump,” the McDaniel email reads “Show the President that Trump Country is McDaniel Country!

Hyde-Smith’s campaign wasn’t pleased.

“This is a whole new level of pathetic, even for Chris McDaniel,” said Melissa Scallan, a campaign spokeswoman.

Trump backed Hyde-Smith in a tweet last month, proclaiming that “Cindy has voted for our Agenda in the Senate 100% of the time and has my complete and total Endorsement.

But McDaniel’s campaign, in the email, argues that “President Trump is fighting hard to Drain The Swamp, but he needs more help in the Senate and Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked Chamber of Commerce Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith, is just more of the swamp.”

At town-hall style events around the state, McDaniel has stated that President Trump has a history of supporting those who didn’t support him, such as Paul Ryan and John McCain, due to party pressure.

According to Douglas’s article, the White House released a rebuttal to the statement, saying “the President makes his own decisions and it is insulting and unhelpful for anyone to claim otherwise.”

Miami Herald, William Douglas