WTOK – Mississippi has Monday deadline to register new voters

Mississippi residents are facing a deadline if they want to cast ballots in the federal midterm election.

New voters have until 5 p.m. Monday to register, and forms are available at circuit clerks’ offices. Because post offices are closed Monday, there’s a Tuesday postmark deadline to mail the forms.

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith center stage for key Kavanaugh announcement by Sen. Collins


WJTV – Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith backs Brett Kavanaugh going into final vote

WTVA – Wicker votes to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today issued the following statement after voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States:

“Judge Kavanaugh has been subjected to the most rigorous confirmation process in the history of the Supreme Court. This process revealed what we have known from the beginning: Judge Kavanaugh is highly-qualified, and Senate Democrats were willing to go to any lengths to prevent this nomination from moving forward. I am thankful their smear tactics were not successful and that the rule of law and due process have prevailed over obstruction and divisive political tactics. I proudly cast a vote for Judge Kavanaugh. I am confident he will be a fair-minded and honest addition to the Supreme Court.”

Congressman Palazzo comments on Kavanaugh confirmation


WJTV – Congressman Bennie Thompson reacts to Kavanaugh proceedings

Gov. Bryant congratulates POTUS, Kavanaugh on confirmation


MBJ – Bill Crawford: Anomaly vs Tsunami in Hood vs Reeves for Governor

And so it begins, the anomaly versus the tsunami, the hope versus the expectation, the last Democrat versus the next-in-line Republican.

Mississippi’s only Democrat holding statewide office, Attorney General Jim Hood, has officially announced his candidacy for Governor. His all-but-announced governor-in-waiting opponent will be Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.

The night before Hood announced, Reeves was on stage in Southaven pumping up the crowd in advance of President Donald Trump’s highly partisan bashing of national Democrats. “They think they have a chance here,” said Reeves, as reported by the Associated Press. “They got ’em a Democrat governor in Louisiana, they got ’em a Democrat senator in Alabama and they don’t believe that there’s a difference between Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama…. Let us send this message to the liberals all over the country: Not in our state.”

“It’s time for Mississippi to pull together,” Hood said the next morning as reported by Mississippi Today. “It’s time for this partisan, petty politics to stop.”

These two episodes well describe how this epic battle will be fought.

WLBT – Former Mississippi pension worker sentenced in embezzlement

Attorney General Jim Hood says a former worker for the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System has been sentenced to prison for illegally taking nearly $64,000.

Hood says a judge on Thursday sentenced 32-year-old Amanda Ruth Combs of Brandon for three counts of embezzlement by a state employee.

Espy talks with MSNBC’s Kasi DC on #MSSen race

Espy cuts a rug at Hattiesburg Festival


VICKSBURG POST – McDaniel campaigns in Vicksburg

McDaniel said he understands the problems all Mississippians endure, and if given the opportunity he wants to turn these problems into a solution.

“First, I want to stop illegal immigration. The best way to begin that process is by building a wall on the Southern border,” he said. “Number two, I think it’s time for term limits. I think the system is corrupt. It’s not listening and we should replace the administration in Washington with new people and new ideas and we should keep those new ideas moving every 12 years or so.

“Lastly, I believe the federal government has grown too powerful. We need to turn this power back to the states to whom this power has always belonged so that states can experiment with this policy, both educational, domestic and physical that they may find what works for their own diverse populations.”

McDaniel said he wants what is best for the people of Mississippi. He plans to focus on helping the state gain a financial push, because it has been behind for so many years and he wants to make a change, not only in Mississippi’s government, but the U.S. government as well.

Congressman Harper donates congressional papers to Miss State


CLARION LEDGER – Judicial candidate dismissed complaint over advertising of event featuring Gov. Phil Bryant

Citing lack of evidence, a special judicial election committee has dismissed a complaint that a Hinds County chancery judge candidate violated election rules by advertising a fundraising event with Gov. Phil Bryant as the honored guest.

The Special Committee on Judicial Election Campaign Intervention received a complaint against candidate Monique Brown-Barrett, who is running for chancery judge in Hinds County Sub-District 4.

Tiffany Grove, another candidate in the race, filed the complaint, noting judicial races are supposed to be nonpartisan.

“I believe this is a candidate aligning with a political figure and then paying money, using campaign funds, to advertise that alignment to the general public,” the complaint said. “This is simply not what non-partisan elections should look like.”

WDAM – Mississippi Senate committee holds hearing on lifetime voting ban concerns

Mississippi is one of only four states imposing a lifetime voting ban on everyone convicted of certain crimes. More than half of those folks have completed their sentences. You’ll often hear the phrase, commit the crime and do the time. Here in Mississippi, there’s a big consequence that sticks with some offenders for life, regardless of the time they serve…

…There is a legislative process that allows individuals to request their voting rights be restored. Those are considered on a case by case basis. Judiciary B Chairman Hob Bryan would like the issue to get more study. He doesn’t know that a change will come in 2019 legislative session but he wants to continue the discussions.