The website Morning Consult has released the favorability rankings of senators and governors around the country.

The rankings were taken based on surveys taken nationwide by 361,607 people between July 1 and September 25.

Senator Roger Wicker and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith

In the first, America’s Most and Least Popular Senators, Senator Roger Wicker touts a 46% approval rating and 29% disapproval while Senator Cindy-Hyde Smith has an approval rating of 39%.

In the case of Hyde-Smith, still, 39% have no opinion of her but only 22% disapprove.

The second article, America’s Most and Least Popular Governors, shows Governor Phil Bryant with an approval rating of 53%. 25% say they disapprove, while 22% have no opinion.  The net favorable ratings of 27% ranked highly among his peers.

Governor Phil Bryant was the 14th highest ranked governor in favorability in the nation, according to the rankings of the survey.