Today at the  Hinds Community College Career & Technical Center The Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, The Skills Foundation and others joined to announce the new Skills Index. The tool is aimed at helping meet the demand for more trained for high-tech economic growth.

Curnis Upkins, MS Hospital Association, and Jay Moon, MS Manufacturers Association, joined Lt. Governor Reeves in making remarks. Both Upkins and Moon serve as Skills Foundation Board members and echoed Lt. Governor Reeves’ comments about the importance of strategic, measured workforce training becoming a top educational priority for Mississippi.
Akin to stock market indices, The Skills Index is an indicator of growth in strategic training and not a comprehensive measure of job training in Mississippi. It tallies graduates from a select list of 385 community college programs and 43 university programs across the state which provide education and training for Mississippi’s priority sectors: manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, energy and logistics. 
The Skills Foundation adopts the mantra “what gets measured gets done”.  The Skills Index will provide just that type of measurement for the needed growth in specific training programs output. Mississippi has seen substantial growth in the past 10 years in skills training, but with demand for skilled jobs so great, accelerated growth is needed.
To see a larger version of The Skills Index, click the image above. 
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