The Mississippi Victory Fund has released a new radio advertisement supporting Cindy Hyde-Smith for U.S. Senate.


The 1:06 spot, released Monday, features Rob Rall, a businessman and current Hinds County Chairman for Donald J. Trump for President.  Rall served as the Rankin County Chairman for Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate in 2014.

“Rob’s message is powerful because he knows McDaniel well and has determined that Chris is the worst kind of politician,” said Merle Flowers, former Mississippi state Senator, and spokesperson for Mississippi Victory Fund. “Thankfully, Rob also knows Cindy Hyde-Smith and has determined she’s the sort of leader Mississippi can count on. After serving with Chris and Cindy in the Mississippi Senate, I have come to the same conclusion as Rob Rall. We can trust Cindy Hyde-Smith.”

Below is the script for the ad:

Hi, I’m Rob Rall.

A life-long Mississippian.

I am a conservative Republican for Cindy Hyde-Smith.

And a proud Trump supporter.

Four years ago, I served as Chris McDaniel’s Rankin County Chairman.

I was excited about Chris.

I thought Chris McDaniel was authentic and a fighter.

Then I got to know him and learned we can’t count on Chris.

He’s the worst kind of politician.

Chris will tell you whatever you want to hear if it serves his purposes.

He fooled me once, but not again.

The good news is Cindy Hyde-Smith is authentic.

The real thing.

A hard-working cattle farmer.

Cindy’s also a conservative.

She has supported Donald Trump one hundred percent of the time in the US Senate.

Whether it’s jobs, a strong border or our second amendment rights, Cindy has our back.

Unlike Chris McDaniel, I trust Cindy.

The President trusts Cindy.

You can trust her, too.

That’s why my family and I will be voting for Cindy Hyde-Smith on November 6.