Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), the federal PAC of Credit Union National Association (CUNA), launched its final independent expenditure (IE) for the 2018 midterm election cycle Tuesday. CULAC is ranked among the top five largest PACs for trade associations.

Television ads for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) will run until Nov. 6 throughout Mississippi. Hyde-Smith was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Thad Cochran (R), who resigned for health reasons, until the next scheduled election. She is now seeking to win the special election to complete the term, which expires in 2021.

Under Mississippi law, she will appear on the ballot with three other candidates, with no party affiliation listed.

CUNA, CULAC and its League partners use a variety of tactics to promote widespread support for credit union-friendly candidates including:

  • Partisan communications: communications coordinated with candidates and aimed at credit union households; and
  • Independent expenditures: directed at the general public but conducted independently of the candidate, his campaign, the parties or state Leagues and credit unions.

CUNA uses virtually all forms of media in its political messaging for pro-credit union candidates, including targeted digital ads and social media, television, broadcast and streaming video, digital and terrestrial radio, and direct mail.

CULAC has supported 375 candidates for House and Senate on the November 2018 ballot, including 42 open seat candidates and one challenger. CUNA and state credit union Leagues are investing a record-breaking $7 million in support of credit union-friendly candidates for the 2018 midterm election cycle.

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