In a television ad playing statewide and entitled “Clear Choice”, a graphic timeline takes viewers through President Trump’s inauguration, Chris McDaniel’s opposition to the MAGA agenda, and most recently, President Trump’s endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith.

“Chris McDaniel and Cindy Hyde-Smith are such a stark contrast. While McDaniel opposed President Trump’s tax cut and heckled his voters, Cindy has voted with the President 100% of her time in Senate,” said Merle Flowers, former Mississippi state Senator, and spokesperson for Mississippi Victory Fund. “This ad speaks for itself… the choice really is clear.”

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The Mississippi Victory Fund is a Mississippi-based super PAC established to make sure Mississippi’s two U.S. Senate seats stay in Republican hands. This independent expenditure-only committee is promoting a political environment with the goal of helping to move the state and Party forward.


Donald Trump is sworn in as President.

His plan is clear – find allies in Washington to help him cut taxes and regulations – reviving the American economy.

Chris McDaniel was also clear – he opposed the President’s tax cut …offered no solutions – only criticisms.

While McDaniel berated Trump supporters – the President found a true ally in Cindy Hyde-Smith.

The choice is clear – say YES to Cindy Hyde-Smith.

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