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Candidates have released new tv ads, and continued to circulate the old as the election is now less than two weeks away.

First up, U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s  campaign has released a new tv commercial in heavy rotation with the promise to “clean up the mess” in Washington D.C.

The commercial was filmed at the cattle auction in Brookhaven, which the senator’s family owns.

Next up is one of her opponents, Mike Espy. Espy tweeted earlier this week about and ad “coming to a tv near you.” In the ad he spends time talking about how often, Mississippi isn’t respected the way they should be. Espy says he is what the state needs in order to attract more companies and businesses as well as giving young people a greater sense of respect for themselves and others.

In the other Senate race, Senator Roger Wicker has released two tv ads. The first addresses the the legislation he has already worked hard to pass in order to improve our U.S. Military

Wicker promoted common sense solutions, keeping promises and ultimately making a difference in Mississippi. The second ad features a family whose child suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and legislation Wicker authored to ensure they have funding to help their child’s medical needs.

His Democratic opponent is current state Representative David Baria. He released his ad a little earlier this month in which he explains his stance on how he would work with a Republican administration as a Democratic Senator.

Y’all Politics reached out to Senator McDaniel’s campaign in the event they plan to release a tv ad, however we did not hear back.

However, this TV ad attempting to tie Cindy Hyde-Smith to Hillary Clinton has been running on his facebook page.

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Posted by Senator Chris McDaniel on Saturday, October 13, 2018