WTVA – Ads pick up in Mississippi special election for US Senate

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith released a TV ad Tuesday showing her at her family’s cattle auction in Brookhaven. She relates cattle ranching to serving in Washington and says: “You can’t be afraid to put your boots on and clean up the mess.”

In his own ad out Tuesday, Democratic challenger Mike Espy says Mississippi is “defamed, dismissed and disrespected,” and he pledges to “work to correct the stereotypes and attract companies and jobs.”

The Remember Mississippi political action committee bought ads supporting Republican Chris McDaniel, saying he is “no establishment politician.”

#MSSen: Espy releases first ad

WCBI – It’s not cheap to run for office

WLOX – Ivanka Trump expected to visit Gulfport

Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter, is expected to be at an event in Gulfport this week.

According to Senator Cindy Hyde Smith’s office, the senator is scheduled to be at the event with the first daughter. 

#MS04: Anderson endorses by California Congressman

Gov. Bryant in Switzerland for trade meetings

WTOK – Candidate kicks off campaign ‘tractor tour’

WJTV – Congressman Bennie Thompson to attend Humphreys County homecoming

Congressman Bennie Thompson will be part of homecoming festivities this week in Humphreys County.   He will take part in Friday’s parade through downtown Belzoni.   The Homecoming Parade steps off at 3  p.m. on Cohn Street.   

WAPT – State lawmakers speak out on Forest Hill band probation

The penalties imposed by the Mississippi High School Activities Associations (MHSAA) on Forest Hill students are misguided and unjustified. The MHSAA reached this decision through a closed process. It appears that there was no real investigation into what happened in time leading to or during the Brookhaven performance. There was no attempt to hear from the students, parents, or educators impacted by their decision.

Clearly, the performance was a mistake that greatly offended many. The use of toy guns during field performance, especially following the hideous murders of two Brookhaven police officer, was in poor taste. It should not have happened.

However, there is nothing that suggests that the band director or students acted with malice. The students and band leaders were performing a skit that was planned several months ago. The performance had absolutely nothing to do with the recent tragedy in Brookhaven.

Facts should matter. When the situation affects 16 and 17-year-old children, facts should matter even more. It does not appear that the MHSAA was interested following the facts. The facts do not warrant students being punished in this manner.

Politics should not be a part of MHSAA’s process. Politicians tend to make a mess out of everything and have the unique talent to find bad situation and make it even worse. That has clearly happened here.

There are 17 seniors in the Forest Hill band. This incident does not and will not define these young scholars. They and all of the Forest Hill students deserve better. “

The statement was issued by state representative Jarvis Dortch and state senators Sollie Norwood and David Blount.